Matt Edwards Osteopath

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Matt Edwards

I donít just treat your symptoms, I also aim to find and treat the cause of your problem, helping you to get out of, and stay out of pain as quickly as your body will allow.

Frequently Asked Questions

^ How much will each appointment cost, and how long will it take?
-£25.00 and will take 30-40 minutes.
^ Will I have to undress to my underwear?
-It depends on the site of your pain. If you have a lower spine problem, being able to examine the whole of your spine and legs means I can find any other problems which may be causing or maintaining your condition. If you have an elbow or neck pain, only the neck and upper back need to be seen. If you would feel more comfortable please bring a pair of shorts and a vest top which I can roll up while you are being examined. You need to be comfortable, so please tell me if you are not at any time.
^ Do you take X-rays of my back?
-No, put if I feel your problem requires an x-ray I will ask you to see your GP with a letter explaining why I feel you need one.
^ Can you treat children?
-I will treat children over the age of 6, but I ask that you are present at the appointment until your child is 16 when they may attend on their own.
^ Will treatment hurt?
-Treatment should not hurt, the aim is to help, not make things worse. In my experience hairy backs can cause skin drag, but that is why baby lotion was invented. However some people can experience a post treatment reaction which can last for 24-48 hours. This is because your body has to settle to a new set of parameters for movement and function.
^ Can I use my health insurance?
-Yes, you will be able to claim back the cost of your treatment through your insurance company according to their terms and conditions.
^ Can I claim for the cost of treatments related to a road traffic accident which was not my fault?
-Yes, and I will invoice direct to the insurer at the end of your course of treatment.
^ What is Osteopathy?
-For me Osteopathy is the manual manipulation of the body to aid self healing. We all have this natural ability to get back to good health, it just takes some of us a little longer or your healing process gets a little lost on the path to recovery. I aim to guide you as a unique individual to a quicker, longer lasting recovery, a lot like a good map. You might get to your destination of good health if you just wander around, but would it not make sense to get there as fast and efficiently as possible so you do not have another accident on the way?
^ How do you treat, are you structural or cranial in style?
-I work in a structural manner. I use techniques which involve a hands-on approach using articulation, soft tissue, muscle energy and manipulative techniques.
^ Why do Osteopaths all work differently, even if you trained at the same schools?
-Simple, we are unique individuals like you and we are given the tools to help you, but we use them in different ways. We all aim, however to get you better.
^ Do you have to ‘click’ my back?
-No, manipulation or thrust techniques are only a small part of how I treat. You many not like having your back ‘clicked’, so I will explain what I want to do and how I want to do it, be it clicking or any other technique. You are always given the choice whether you are happy for your problem to be treated in that way.
^ Can you get rid of my arthritis?
-We may be able to slow the progression, and improve your range of mobility which will decrease your pain and give you a better quality of life. No one can cure arthritis. If I could, let’s face it, I would charge you a lot of money for the honour. It is a bony change in the affected joint, but you should not think that there is no help for the pain and restriction of movement. You will get bad, better and good days, let me help you make more of the good ones.