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Matt Edwards

I donít just treat your symptoms, I also aim to find and treat the cause of your problem, helping you to get out of, and stay out of pain as quickly as your body will allow.

About Me

Treatment RoomAfter completing the four year Osteopathic training in 1995 to become an Osteopath, I secured a position in my parents’ home county of Somerset. I then moved to my mum’s home town of Yeovil in 2006, and started working as a Yeovil Osteopath in 2007. I live with my partner Caroline, and her five cats. I am learning to love them (the cats that is), especially as they keep my dog indirectly fit as he tries to catch them. He does not quite understand that they are not his litter mates, and generally they would love to see him never again.

I enjoy ballroom and Latin dancing, some dances more then others and have only stepped on Caroline’s feet three times, so far. Not bad as I have two left ones. It makes a great change from the gym, and combined with the dog walking it gives me half a chance of keeping up with the kids. The dog, I hear you say, what kind? He is a soft Doberman, we called him Strongbow, but most would know him as Bow. Pathetic guard dog, not sure why they have such a bad breed name.

I have three boys, Kelsey, Ross, and Max who seem to have an endless amount of energy which is not always targeted in the right direction. They are good boys with a great sense of fun and enjoyment of life. They definitely keep me feeling young, which is a great help as an active Yeovil Osteopath, working along side other Yeovil Osteopaths.

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